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Ross and Rachel Graphics

Ross and Rachel Icons
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Hello, welcome to this Ross and Rachel Icon/Graphic Community! :)

I've been wanting to make a Ross and Rachel Icon community for a while, and so here i am, making this community. :)

The Rules:

1) Ross and Rachel or Ross and or Rachel Graphics ONLY. There are other communities for all other Friends Graphics.
2) No Fighting! Please, I don't like drama.
3) Credit the users if you are going to take any of their graphics. NO STEALING!
4) If you are going to post more than three icons, please use an lj cut!
5) If you are going to post a larger image, use an lj-cut. I'm not going to set a limit, I trust your judgement.
6) Promoting is allowed as long as it has to do wtih Friends, or any of the Friends Actors.
7) Have fun! :)

Brush Credits:

this community is maintained by x_momentspassed If you have any concerns or comments please comment there. :)